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What is C. Hub Magazine all about?

31 Aug

 C. Hub magazine is the first and only magazine with creativity, arts and talent in mind. C. Hub prides on searching out the best of creative talents, showcases and promotes them.

C. Hub is not just another fashion, style magazine. It goes beyond that, C. Hub listens to and understands the unique stories told through every unique creative work. It covers every field of creativity, writing, painting, dancing, modelling, fashion and all talents that can be mentioned.

C. Hub also discusses issues that concern the life style of Black people helping talents stay focused and positively challenged. The idea is to bring you stories of real talents and not just the old stories of talentless people filled up on our daily magazines, papers and TV. With C. Hub we can influence how Black people are portrayed as low achievers by most media. Now yes, Black talents can make the front page, and headlines for good. Happy reading.

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