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The new approach to feminism is to up your game with this power dressing.

30 Sep

In this new era of men dominated business and board rooms, it can be a heck staying true to who you are. I just read few days ago how bad the statistics is with the degree to which men see women from the sex point of view.  Couldn’t shout.

If you are a business or career woman caught up with such sex preying eyed men, the solution is not bitching around, whining or crying out loud. Here is the remedy – UP YOUR GAME with  your looks.

You may have known that 50% of what you have to say has already been heard from how you’re dressed . This time to make your stands clear you don’t even need words any longer. These 3 pieces are all you need to say where you belong and who you are.

Radley bags - Broomford.

Power bag from Radley – £299.00


Jonathan Saunder, Fluro Collar for Debenhams – – £75.00


Brantano shoes –

These 3 combinations are all you need to boldly step into any board room and you are sure to win the debate at least for once.  Good luck.


You’re invited to C.Hub magazine anniversary fashion banquet

30 Sep

You're invited to C.Hub magazine anniversary fashion banquet

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C.Hub issue 4 – the sounds and beats special anniversary issue.

30 Sep

C.Hub issue 4 - the sounds and beats special anniversary issue.

C.Hub issue 4 -The sounds and beats of Africa.

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