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DEVIEHL London launches a collection of handpainted master piece perfect coffee cups.

19 Oct

Each Arusha cup is individually painted by internationally renowned London jewellery designer Gail Klevan.  The cups feature highly distinctive patterns combining hand engravings , paints as well as gold and silver leaf. Designs are applied to optical-quality acrylic, creating a shimmering, ever changing iridescence.

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Are you missing the point of social media?

9 Oct

The first and only Afro- creative magazine that listens to and understands the unique stories told through creativity . C.Hub is quarterly published in the UK and is widely distributed in Europe and Africa. C.hub is available online, on print and digital.

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9 strategic ways to make your twitter presence worthwhile for your business.

15 Aug


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These days social media explosion means that more and more business deals are sealed via one social media platform or another. Despite what statistics are saying, it all boils down to you and your specific reason for staying on these platforms in the first place. For instance, some people are fame hungry and want as many following as possible, some are there just to make sure they find business that yield income for them. Some are just there to have fun or make their voices heard for various causes. So whatever your purpose, you alone know it and so when these statistics come out you alone know on what side of it you are performing .

That said, these are few simple strategies both small and big businesses neglect and thus lose out on some of the deals that are sealed each minute on the platforms.

The number count.

Don’t be deceived by the number of people following you or who you want to advertise with. It is more important to know who are these followers and how active they are. Its more rewarding to have 100 active followers than to have a million dumb asses doing nothing to growth your business.

  Don’t be a snub on twitter its a social platform after all.

Most people will randomly follow anyone especially famous people or people with high number of followers . while in the real fact, these people do not have time for you and what you are doing. You notice the snubs with the number of followers they have and the number of people they followed back. You don’t want to be people’s number builder. If you’re here for business then you want to follow people who want to follow you and interact with your messages.

On your own part, you want to get your fans engaged, by answering their questions, finding solution to their concerns as you would on the customer care desk, you want to follow them back and exchange direct messages for their and your privacy.  recognizing a potential or existing client gives them the trust that you truly care. Give them a re tweet when necessary.

Are they people following you genuine?

As I said earlier, different people are on here for different reasons. Most of the fame hungry people will target and follow you, as soon as you follow them back they disappear. So pay attention to those you follow and those following you. Are they still there?

Its worthwhile to check out the profiles of anyone that follows you and go as far as to check out the web link they have put there before you follow back. You will be amazed what you find out. Most of them have created a persona that does not exist.

Respond to your DM.

DMs are there for privacy. and if you can follow a person then you should be able to respond to there DM especially if they have a question about your business. However, be cautious when you have been sent a link via dm. If you suspect a dm you can tweet your follower about it just in case their account has been hacked.  Otherwise, if you think they DM you get from a particular follower is inappropriate then unfollow or better still block them off.

Be suspicious of any profile without avatar or details.

Not the total measure though but most times people with no avatar or suspicious avatar or no profile details have something to hide and its in your best interest to interact with them cautiously. Then be most weary of those without avatar or details on their profiles sending tweets of links only to you. These links are usually pornography, spam, or corrupt links that can harm your system.

Be yourself.

Keep your twitter-sphere as much close to what you represent as possible. In this way, you attract the right people who genuinely have interest in what you do and most likely will respond positively to your message.

Spend less time on twitter.

Again not quantity but relevance of your tweet both to your business message and to your clients. When you overload people with information, there’s nothing more left for them to find out. Keep it short and simple and let them find out the rest on your website or where the business goes on. Sometimes you might only have to dedicate your tweet time to re tweeting your followers and engaging with them.

Treat your twitter promises as a binding contract.

Don’t promise what you won’t do on twitter. They are paying attention and will tweet their friends how dis honest you are. On the other hand if you keep your promise to them they will broadcast the good news and thus carry your message for you.

Finally keep doing all the other things and continue to snoop on who is snooping on you that’s the way it goes.

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