C. Hub magazine issue 8 : Family issue out now!

23 Sep
C. Hub magazine issue 8

By C-Hub Magazine in C.Hub magazine

80 pages, published 9/23/2014

C. Hub magazine issue 8 brings you the family as it should be. Intimacy, love and giving. With a rare intimate chat with Nollywood most powerful couple, best of designers and designs at Africa Fashion week London 2014, top 10 most beautiful African families, beauty must haves, and wardrobe inspiration from AFWL, your festivity Afro care and of course a getaway to Canada and lots of treats to win sponsored by Fashion Fair UK. you can’t miss this…

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C. Hub magazine issue 7 out now on free digital download

19 Jul

In the past  month over 20,000 people have read and downloaded the current issue of C. Hub magazine . If you haven’t yet, you can also get it right here.


C.Hub magazine issue 7 Vol.2

By C-Hub Magazine in C.Hub magazine

80 pages, published 6/21/2014

C.hub magazine is the first and only Afro-creative magazine in the UK based on a number of shared values which include authenticity, originality, creativity, intergrity and African Heritage.

The new approach to feminism is to up your game with this power dressing.

30 Sep

In this new era of men dominated business and board rooms, it can be a heck staying true to who you are. I just read few days ago how bad the statistics is with the degree to which men see women from the sex point of view.  Couldn’t shout.

If you are a business or career woman caught up with such sex preying eyed men, the solution is not bitching around, whining or crying out loud. Here is the remedy – UP YOUR GAME with  your looks.

You may have known that 50% of what you have to say has already been heard from how you’re dressed . This time to make your stands clear you don’t even need words any longer. These 3 pieces are all you need to say where you belong and who you are.

Radley bags - Broomford.

Power bag from Radley – http://www.radley.co.uk £299.00


Jonathan Saunder, Fluro Collar for Debenhams – http://www.debenhams.com – £75.00


Brantano shoes – http://www.brantano.co.uk

These 3 combinations are all you need to boldly step into any board room and you are sure to win the debate at least for once.  Good luck.


C.Hub issue 4 – the sounds and beats special anniversary issue.

30 Sep

C.Hub issue 4 - the sounds and beats special anniversary issue.

C.Hub issue 4 -The sounds and beats of Africa.

Unleash the flora in you with Asos’s new trend .

18 Aug

This year flora prints have been on trend for celebs in the likes of Beyonce and several other Alisters. And it seems the floral has no plans of fading away yet. Designers and fashion buyers are ready more than ever to make sure that the summer feel does not just go yet. Asos in particular have unleashed its floral power house and here we go. We just can’t get enough. Now you get yours on http://www.asos.com









Tropics magazine launches a live twitter interview sessions this August, join in with #Tropicsandfriends.

16 Aug


Our media friends and partner Tropics magazine launches an innovative approach to new edge journalism using the social media platform . The interview session will go live on twitter on the 24th of August at 4pm.

This session  will see the media group interview entrepreneurs and personalities worldwide on twitter with individuals joining in with their questions directly sent to their heroes and icons.

First to showcase for this session is –  Multiple Award-Winning and highly sought after Ghanaian Fashion Designer, AFUA SAM, is the Founder and brain behind STUDIO D’MAXSI, one of the fastest growing fashion houses based in the Washington, DC. Unique, innovative, and edgy AFUA SAM of STUDIO D’MAXSI creates masterpieces for the chic and funky modern woman. Born to a family of six, remarkably self-taught, AFUA SAM draws her creative inspiration from her late musician father and determination from her mother. She attributes her Ghanaian roots and rich culture as one of her many inspirations for the creation of her designs. On Saturday, August 24th, 2013 and will knock this session out of the park on a variety of topics around Design, Fashion, Style and Entrepreneurship. Official website: www.studiodmaxsi.com ;Twitter: @dmaxsi.

 How to Join the Discussion

To participate, the public should sign into their Twitter accounts and submit a question @TropicsMagazine or @c_hubmagazine for the special guest using the hashtag #TropicsAndFriends. The interview will take place from 3:30pm – 4:30pm (GMT+1) and the special guest will respond to as many tweets and questions as possible. Questions can also be submitted in advance. Individuals who do not have account on Twitter can still follow the interview by visiting any of the following pages:

Tropics Magazinehttp://www.facebook.com/TropicsMagazineWorld  

C.Hub Magazine: http://www.facebook.com/CHubMagazine

 PR and publicists who wish to have their clients interviewed on this live interviews should contact us or tropics.info@gmail.com 


This season all that glitters may turn gold.

15 Aug

World designers and shoppers are opting for the metallic this season. Its all shimmering and glittery for autumn winter. Are you ready for the ball?

stevemadden_1292101660617416 CR_for_Fashion_World_Sequin_Dress_£95_(NXPowerLite) Debenhams_5871254254434 dune_1291743485701781 houseoffraser_63781432314209 marksandspencer_9820167438875 marksandspencer_982011023968258 marksandspencer_982011589047488 monsoon_611701306540093


Right you are, lets see. These investment pieces carefully chosen for your all glitter stylish night out cold, rain or not are all you need to make your statement. ssssshhh! No words please.

From top to butts –

1. Dipsie Heel from Steve Madden – £99.00

2. Fashion world glitters – £95.

3. Debenhams glittery trainer – £40.00

4. Out and about bag – from Dune  – £49.00

5. Beautiful sequin glits from House of fraser– £160.00

6. Autograph glittery boots – M&S – £69.00

7. M&S Per Una Speziale Dress – £119.00

8. M&S collection Jacket – £59.00

9. Alea dress from Monsoon – £179.00

10. Angelz gold from Steve Madden – £99.00








Friends of C.hub .

15 Aug

1146170_697733850241395_1271061341_o 67804_551658944848887_2782399_n 534819_603081173039997_1197067566_n 860827_607913499223431_796096524_o 998815_681679601846820_519638722_n 1001357_681677335180380_1087709623_n 1094498_697698196911627_1567596281_o 1097005_697700443578069_499120378_o

9 strategic ways to make your twitter presence worthwhile for your business.

15 Aug


(Web Image)

These days social media explosion means that more and more business deals are sealed via one social media platform or another. Despite what statistics are saying, it all boils down to you and your specific reason for staying on these platforms in the first place. For instance, some people are fame hungry and want as many following as possible, some are there just to make sure they find business that yield income for them. Some are just there to have fun or make their voices heard for various causes. So whatever your purpose, you alone know it and so when these statistics come out you alone know on what side of it you are performing .

That said, these are few simple strategies both small and big businesses neglect and thus lose out on some of the deals that are sealed each minute on the platforms.

The number count.

Don’t be deceived by the number of people following you or who you want to advertise with. It is more important to know who are these followers and how active they are. Its more rewarding to have 100 active followers than to have a million dumb asses doing nothing to growth your business.

  Don’t be a snub on twitter its a social platform after all.

Most people will randomly follow anyone especially famous people or people with high number of followers . while in the real fact, these people do not have time for you and what you are doing. You notice the snubs with the number of followers they have and the number of people they followed back. You don’t want to be people’s number builder. If you’re here for business then you want to follow people who want to follow you and interact with your messages.

On your own part, you want to get your fans engaged, by answering their questions, finding solution to their concerns as you would on the customer care desk, you want to follow them back and exchange direct messages for their and your privacy.  recognizing a potential or existing client gives them the trust that you truly care. Give them a re tweet when necessary.

Are they people following you genuine?

As I said earlier, different people are on here for different reasons. Most of the fame hungry people will target and follow you, as soon as you follow them back they disappear. So pay attention to those you follow and those following you. Are they still there?

Its worthwhile to check out the profiles of anyone that follows you and go as far as to check out the web link they have put there before you follow back. You will be amazed what you find out. Most of them have created a persona that does not exist.

Respond to your DM.

DMs are there for privacy. and if you can follow a person then you should be able to respond to there DM especially if they have a question about your business. However, be cautious when you have been sent a link via dm. If you suspect a dm you can tweet your follower about it just in case their account has been hacked.  Otherwise, if you think they DM you get from a particular follower is inappropriate then unfollow or better still block them off.

Be suspicious of any profile without avatar or details.

Not the total measure though but most times people with no avatar or suspicious avatar or no profile details have something to hide and its in your best interest to interact with them cautiously. Then be most weary of those without avatar or details on their profiles sending tweets of links only to you. These links are usually pornography, spam, or corrupt links that can harm your system.

Be yourself.

Keep your twitter-sphere as much close to what you represent as possible. In this way, you attract the right people who genuinely have interest in what you do and most likely will respond positively to your message.

Spend less time on twitter.

Again not quantity but relevance of your tweet both to your business message and to your clients. When you overload people with information, there’s nothing more left for them to find out. Keep it short and simple and let them find out the rest on your website or where the business goes on. Sometimes you might only have to dedicate your tweet time to re tweeting your followers and engaging with them.

Treat your twitter promises as a binding contract.

Don’t promise what you won’t do on twitter. They are paying attention and will tweet their friends how dis honest you are. On the other hand if you keep your promise to them they will broadcast the good news and thus carry your message for you.

Finally keep doing all the other things and continue to snoop on who is snooping on you that’s the way it goes.

If you like creativity and is inspired by African heritage, culture and creativity then you can follow us on twitter and be sure to tweet us to follow you back.





Fashion/Style -Lets do the polka it’s Tiannah styling at AFWL

13 Aug

Polka’s has always been embraced by fashionistas , it is so sweet endearing. Which is not far fetched from Tiannah styling collections at Africa fashion week this year. These polka from Tiannahstyling is not just another polka on trend, it encapsulates the essence of feminity flattering the female forms and shape.  They are so deliciously worn by these elegant models giving it even more edge.

Elegante by Tiannahstyling_cover_photographybyNiaRose







The Nigerian designer who is also a top sleek sophisticated stylist took over the Africa fashion week London with her wow collection

The designer’s love for polka dots was evident in the edgy collection which made use of materials such as silk, lycra, polka dots, leather, feathers, and chiffon, heavily accessorised with bags and hats.
“We wanted to create a dramatic and creative collection that captured the essence of freedom,” said Lawani of the collection, “And the models brought that to life with their freestyle runway.”
The standout pieces came in the shape of two floor length gowns, in blue and black respectively, with polka dot detail and daring sheer paneling, which teased the audience with a hint of skin.
Other playful pieces included a pink leather coat with white polka dot detail lining, bright yellow short shorts with orange details and a matching suitcase paired with a yellow blouse with orange collar detail, a polka dot and animal print mix leotard paired with a black leather coat sporting a brown animal print lining and a long yellow one-shoulder dress with polka dot and leopard print detail and a sexy side split accessorized with a matching hat.
polka3 polka4
Polka6 Polka5
Lawani’s biggest surprise came at the end of the show when the designer, clad in a red dress with big white polka dots accessorized with her trademark high tops stepped out unveiling her baby bump for the first time to the press and the London audience.
back stage 2 Back stage




Photographed by – Nia Rose.

Find more of the exciting collections of tiannahstyling here

Fashion/Style – Get cocktail ready with our expert hand picks.

13 Aug

The cocktail girl doesn’t have to be too cautious. Our idea of cocktail is taken from its origin when in the US during the prohibition, bartenders came up with mixing various home brewed alcohol.  For me cocktail wears have to be fun, playful yet glam and luxury.



Metallic skater dress from Bank Fashion, is the perfect base to start with – £65.00, Sequin Rose cocktail hair piece from accessorize£35.00



Hollywood inspired crystal vintage inspired drop earring. from glitzysecrets.com£34.00

Gold glitter embellished clutch ,( Investment bag)- £325.00 from House of Fraser.

Then finish off with Marisota glittering golden peep toe heels for the perfect fun girlie look to stand out in any party. – £40.00


And this Rotary ladies, gold plated bracelet mother of pearl waterproof watch. – £159.00. You are done!  So where is the next party?


C.Hub issue 3 The review.

12 Jun

C.hub magazine as the first and only Afro caribbean creative magazine continues to create epic issues after issues. On this 3rd issue “Africa through the screen” we have tried to compare all that has been said of Africa in the media and charity campaigns with what’s on ground. we spoke to actors and best of African movie industry – T.Chidi Chikere, Obi Emelonye and the rest. Radi Aid also tells of how they are challenging the poverty porn on the African child.

We went also to this years Grand designs bringing you the latest designs with African tint on them, we were at Top model of colour and we had a whatsapp chat with the winner, our fashion has never been so banged on before, with our amazing fashion editor Gayle Thompson doing her thing snooping around for the very latest on trend for you this summer, as always jokes jokes jokes from our Nonso. And you can’t miss our SDO’s review of the latest Automobile tech innovations, or our Lissa’s take on socialmedia “Are you #tagged”? . There is alot you must see this time. Our Frankie took a world tour and she came up with her very best 5 city hide away.

And for the best reader you are, we are giving one lucky winner a chance to spend a luxury night with the partner in a London 5 star hotel. The details of how to enter is also inside. Discover also how our finance editor is helping you to make your money work for you. Oh and what about 82 year old Mary Yeates who still walks the walk at the London Moonwalk. What is her secret? All for sure inside C.Hub issue 3.

You don’t wanna miss any bit of it. So here you can now preview and see for yourself.

Contact us.

12 Jun

We are always happy to have a close relationship with our respected readers. And so we want to hear directly from you. Please send us your comments, your opinions and if you would like to advertise or promote your events with us simply fill out the form and we will get back to you within 24hrs. We didn’t it could be that our scanner has sensed your mail as a spam. so try again.


C.Hub, MBW and UCL bring you another free biz networking conference.

23 May

MBW event flyer.updated.This time for the first time, MBW the PR and creative agency for turning any business to a brand brings you in association with your C.Hub magazine and University College London invite you all to come for a free media and business networking conference. This conference has been designed to be fun, refreshing, educating, informative , engaging and interactive. In other to capture every participant’s need.

Great speakers with track records of success within the media and entertainment and business have been lined up for this event.

Event schedule and highlights –

MBW in collaboration with C.Hub magazine bring you one of a kind media and business networking conference. This conference is aimed at enlightening entrepreneurs on the value adding power of the media in building your business into a brand. You may have put in much effort and it has not yielded, with this conference you will learn how to approach the media, how to choose the type of media to align your business too. Understand how and when to approach media to get the best for your business.

This event is free and open to all however pre registration is required to control number as there are limited spaces available.

Registration starts at 11.30 prompt to allow time to cover all aspects of the lecture.

                                                Event Highlights.

                                                 The Lecture.

Keynote lecture -Morton Patterson:  CEO- Morton Patterson consulting.

-Beverly Andrews  – Films director, Artist and Producer.

Speakers:            Emeka Anyanwu – Founder and Publisher C.Hub magazine.

Tola Onigbanjo  — CEO Women4Africa .

Guests:               Obi Emelonye     — Nollywood hit maker, director and Producer.

 Q and A: A time to share opinions and ask questions.

                          Networking Break  and Refreshment.

                      Surprise surprise – remains a surprise to be discovered 

                                                   MBW bingo 

This event has been designed to be fun relaxed and educating. Come and discover the magic of projecting your value using the media.

*Note to attend this event, you must register first or you may be asked to page £10.00 before entry can be granted*.

For enquiries and sponsorship or exhibition contact: myblackwoman@fauntee.com

To register go here.

C.Hub magazine issue 3 is out now!!!

2 May

C-HUB-June-Aug-2013_CoverOur dear friends and valued readers, we are excited to tell you that our 3rd issue is out now and is banged on with full of much stories from inside Africa and much more.  With all the stories you want to read, the best of African Screen, Nollywood, fashion, beauty and most especially all our promotions ready to be grabbed by the fastest and smartest.
Our promise we have always kept, our word to you we continue to keep. Quality journalism, no frenzy. C.Hub is the brainer for those who value their person. For those who are ‘IT’.
In this issue, you get exclusive with Nollywood hit makers Tchidi Chikere, Obi Emelonye with his last flight to Abuja, exclusive Fashion and beauty events coverage, Frankie’s trip in and around the world to give us her tips on the world’s top city hide away from the highlands of Kenya to the beautiful and warm heart of South Africa, to the luxurious and innovative approach of Abu Dhabi , the serenity of Angola and of course the home of all things creativity our very own London. Come on with us, there is from one page to another something for you to discover.
Here comes your C.Hub issue 3 out now and on pre order from our websites and via email info@fauntee.com www.chubmagazine.com.

Remember, there is a chance to win a 5 star night out for two worth over £250.00 pounds when you subscribe today. This offer is open only to our UK readers. The lucky winner will be treated to a night of luxury with his or her partner in a London’s 5 star hotel.

Also every subscriber gets automatic C.Hub branded T.shirts.
We also have beauty product giveaway to all pre orders.

Again, we have collaborated with Mifone to give away 7 solid Android phones to our Nigerian subscribers as part of celebrating  Mifone’s 5 years in business. It’s on first come first served. So you’ve got to hurry up NOW!!!.

Don’t forget to tell your friends to like our page.
Your one and only,
C.Hub Team.

Hublot Novelties at Geneva fair 2013 with the Bangs,the Fusions and the Classics

21 Jan

The Zebra Bang

Hublot zebra 3Following the success of the leopard Bang and the Boa Bang, Hublot Swiss watch makers have continued the call of the jungle. The Zebra bang now the sexiest cool of them all is highly fashionable with its print to dip its hooves.

With small sutle accents, the Zebra Bang has the features that gets you wanting it all: 41mm diameter, 48 topazes and baguette-cut spirels, showcased with its Zebra print dial by eight small bezel-set diamond banged to capture the light day or night. Armed with an automatic mechanical chronograph movement for the connoisseurs. It is finished with a strap made from Zebra print calfskin leather sewn onto Black rubber which makes it both comfortable and flexible. This has not just set the hearts of fashionistas aflutters but it is practically water tight to the depth of 100metres. Limited edition with just 250 pieces for its 3 designs.

The Classic Fusion Chrono Aero: From the Aero Bang Classics.

hublot 2The Aero Bang classics are carefully made to provide greater assurance against counterfeiting. No wonder they have remained one of Hublot’s best sellers since 2007. This machine  model – The calssic fussion Aero features with a diametre of 45mm with gentle more rounded lines, two push buttons on either side of the crown, two counters at 3 o’clock and 9o’clock and a date window at 6o’clock and is available in 2 versions. :Titanium and King gold. It is finished with Black alligator strap stitched into Black rubber for comfort, flexibility and exceptional durability. It has a 42 hour power reserve and water resistance to 50 metres.


The Big Bang Ferrari

Hublot ferrari 1The hublot first year collaboration with Ferrari is coming to an end banged with success both commercially and promotionally. With the first big bangs in titanuim and magic gold famously scratch resistant with 18k gold invented by Hublot and over 130 events respectively. This has been a success that is warmly welcomed by both Jean -Claude Biver, Chairman of Hublot and Ricardo Guadalupe, the CEO of Hublot.

The Classic fusion extra thin skeleton Black ceramic.

Hublot skeleton all blackThe Black ceramic has become one of Hublot’s major bestsellers. An extra thin skeleton watch whose design has been refined while retaining the dynamic and modern codes immediately recognisable as Hublot watch. ith 45mm diametre, equipped with Hub1300, a Hublot’s new classic movement , entirely developed and designed in he brand’s manufacture at Nyon. It is fabulously comprised of 130 components at just 2.90mm thickness. The watch as always is durable, flexible comfortable and practical on an everyday level. Has a 90 hours power reserve and water resistant at 50metres.

Last but not in anyway the least at the 2013 Geneva fair is:

The Classic Fusion Skeleton Turbillion Black Ceramic.

hublot skeleton all black 2Featuring an all black design in line with Hublot’s graphic codes. A Hublot’s new arrival for the start of 2013. Sleek snd contemporary yet with a satin finish, polished with Black ceramic case. It benefits from its 120 hour power reserve, water tight to 30 metres. Again limited edition with just 99 pieces numbered .

Completely made with the principle of tradition and modern fusion with outstanding craftsmanship and 21st century creative vision in watch making that is Hublot Swiss watch making. The BANG!

Brides of Culture is back! This season at the luxurious Hilton Canary Wharf and it’s free!!!

14 Jan

boc_landscape_b[1] In its 8th instalment of unique free multicultural Bridal exhibition and this time, at a prime location in the middle of one of world’s busiest commercial district with perfect transportation links to the rest of the city. This season’s event is not the one to be missed. It has promised to be the best and largest ever. Over 1,200 brides and grooms are expected to attend.50 exhibitors are also expected with the exclusive ask the expert by the award winning Cedar events and the TV regular, Elizabeth’s cake Emporium.

Brides of Culture was founded in 2009 by Abi Laditan and Kemi Osinloye, to provide useful tips, information and advice, as well as details of local and regional vendors to meet the wedding needs of a diverse mix of brides and grooms; from across Africa, the Caribbean and Asia. Their passion and energy has led to the BOC exhibition becoming one of the most highly anticipated cross-cultural wedding exhibitions in London and the UK. The last exhibition held in September 2012 drew in nearly 800 attendees and 35 major wedding suppliers.
According to the last census (2001), with a total of 1,148,738, the largest ethnic minorities in Britain are those categorised as Black or Black British, with the next largest being Indians (1,053,411). Overall, ethnic minority groups represent just fewer than 6 per cent of the population of Great Britain, with over 235,000 weddings occurring each year.
BOC is available for any bride-to-be who lives and is planning to get married in the UK, providing them with any help we can to make their day a special one. There are currently many resources available to those planning a wedding in the UK, but very few for those planning one with a cultural twist. This is the area where BoC is invaluable in providing solutions to regular issues and problems that are common in ethnic minority weddings, but may not be so common in mainstream ones.

C.Hub magazine is happy to associate with BOC as we continue to broadcast the best of the ethnic people. As always we do everything in our power to make sure that these events and occasions are brought to you on time. And we heavily encourage you to attend this event to discover the diversity in the multicultural weddings.

To order C.Hub current issue click here

Africa Fashion week London opens her first concession boutique in Lagos Nigeria.

10 Jan

AFWL2012-bebegrafiti-023-Simon-KlyneThe end of 2012 saw AFWL extend its vision for African fashion designers and lovers of African designs in Lagos. With their first concession boutique studio 29 now open.

The opening event saw a host of  members of the press, celebrities, fashion editors, bloggers and fashion lovers and buyers witness the unveiling of the first of its chain boutiques to open this year – 2013.

“Realizing that a lot emerging fashion designers that showcased at AFWL do not have a shop or stockist to stock their garments, so as a team, we came up with the idea to provide them with a showroom and a retail space where they can stock their brands and sell them as well”, says Ronke Ademiluyi of studio 29.

Speaking also, Sinem of S Two PR, the publicist for AFWL and Studio 29,  she says “We do not want studio 29 to be just a retail space but a one stop shop for designers . Stocking here will not only get you retail space but also PR services from AFWL PR team. This is a venue for meetings, fitting, photo shoots and press days”.Studio 29 1

Currently in stock at studio 29 are designs from acclaimed global names including, Adebayo Jones, AsakeOge, Violet Couture, Bebegrafitti, Sally Intiego just to mention a few. Studio 29 continues to accept requests from designers who are interested for it’s February launch.

Studio 29 is owned and managed by Ronke Ademiluyi the founder of AFWL who has had over 12years experience in fashion retail with her established label Rukkies.

Africa fashion week last year saw over 20,000 visitors at London spital fields Market. Preparations for this years events have also began. More info is on AFWL website.


Picture credits: Suby Sinem .

A fracking new word; whatever that means.

8 Jan
Image courtesy of Wikipeadia.

Image courtesy of Wikipeadia.

Every now and then we are bombarded with another word either the real word or coined from. Usually it’s the media that gets us into the hype of a whole new word.

Fracking is not a new word though but it still sounds so new and strange. Personally, I didn’t know the meaning or from where it was coined from. Thankfully my mum who is a freak when it comes to words and meaning will not let it go just like that. We began to search both the web and the dictionary.

What the hell is fracking?

Well curiously we decided to go on the street. London street to be precise. Randomly, we asked both men and women, young and old, lay and educated. Of the 100 people we asked only 5 truly were familiar with the word. 25 of the 100 said they have heard of the word but never bothered to check or pay attention.30 have heard of it tried to check but could not remember what they read  While  a number as large as 40 out of the 100 said they had no clue what fracking was and has never hear of it.

Isn’t this enough to say this is a whole new word from the media. If there is anything you have to learn this new year, why not make it fracking.

To save you time, fracking is a horizontal form of drilling used by Oil industries to extract oil from the earth surface. This medium has sparked a lot of debate as to the environmental effect of fracking to the earth. Most worry about earthquake while others worry about its effect on the global change. A thing to truly worry about. However some  capitalists have insisted on it’s useful benefit to the oil industry and to man. How it would make oil more available and less expensive. Weather or not any of the above are true we are yet to find out.

But for me, the important thing is to get creative with these words when they begin to fill up into our ‘audiometer’. For me and my friends we decided to make the word more relevant than harming the world at least potentially. ‘So whatever fracking it is the word to you. Don’t let any fracking get in your way this new year. I see fracking becoming another ‘F’ word on the street soonest.

If you are still that curious, you may like to check Fracking out here


Merry Xmas and happy new year

25 Dec

Afro5 Mnubiah











C.Hub issue 1 read it here.

25 Dec

C.Hub Issue 1


C.Hub issue 2 Read it here

25 Dec
C.hub Magazine issue 2

C.hub Magazine issue 2



C.hub Magazine issue 2

C.hub Magazine issue 2

C.Hub issue 2 Click to read, share and remember to leave us feedback.

John Mikel Obi Suspended with Immediate effect.

6 Dec

MikelObiThe FA today announced the immediate suspension of Nigerian John Mikel Obi following an Independent Regulatory hearing on a racial abuse case on the 28th October.

On the 28th October, John Mikel was said to have believed that the referee Mark Clattenburg had been racially abusive towards him. After the match, Mikel had confronted him in the official’s room and is said to have used abusive or threatening language on the referee. In that case, the Independent Regulatory Commission reached a decision to ban him for three matches and pay a fine of £60,000.

This is a ban that could have gone longer if not that he believed the referee racially abused him. However, he Mikel will be ruled out from all domestic duties until Boxing day.

John Mikel Obi whose date of birth is 22 April 1987   is just unfortunate says a fan given what has been going on with European football of late. There has been series of issues and cases of racial abuse with England’s John Terry at the hem of this affairs. Fans are baffled that John has been made a scape goat in this case.

Mi-Fone set to boost Kenyan comedy industry through its bid to promote local comedians.

28 Oct

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Mi- fone announces its bid to sponsor  series of comedy sessions by way of endorsement and promoting the works of these creatives a move which has been dubbed Mi-comedy. This is seeks to nuture and promote upcoming local comedians helping to make sure that Kenyan comedy recieves the continent wide recognition that it deserves. Mi- fone in trying to actualise this, will upload the comedy clips from shows onto their all Mi-fone handsets thereby making available Kenyan comic vibrancy to its consumers.

Among the comedians benefiting from this measure include Chipukeezy and JB (Dr King’Ori). In response to the move, Jb inset left expresses his excitement and joy adding, “it is an innovative idea. This will make it more convinient for people to access Kenyan comedy across Africa. When Mi-Fone told me that my comedy will be loaded to their handsets, I felt honoured that they appreciate the work that we do. This will now help people who are not able t attend my show or who can’t see me on TV to have a taste of my comedy in the palm of their hands.

Chipukeezy inset below also added that,”for comedy to grow in Kenya, it requires hardwork and dedication and there is no doubt that Mi-fone will make this a more enjoyable venture for us all”. Both comedians who have already been on the Hot Seat on KTV and Kiss TV respectively agreed that comedy is growing in Kenya and believes it will grow even bigger with mi-fone partnership.

Speaking of the move, Nicholas Regisford, Mi-Fone’s Chief concluded, “This partnership with these artists across the continent is aimed at creating a platform for local talents across Africa to be recognised and appreciated. In doing this, we provide aspiration, bringing these talents to the reach of our consumers. Mi-fone is serious about building an entertainment platform amongst African creatives and this is demonstrated by the wide amount of content available to on Mi-Fone handsets. Mi-fone continues to innovate while uplifting and promoting homegrown talents”.

Mi-fone will also be making these acts money as well by having their works  available for download via Mi-Apps.

Mi-fone is the first African mobile devices brand established to focus on the growing needs of mass-market sector throughout Africa. Their services  to Africa is conducted via offices and service centres based in Johannessburg , Nairobi, and Mauritius.

To listen to the comedy clips visit : www.soundcloud.com/mi-comedy/tracks?format=html.

Witch Kentu had a horrible day by Faustina Anyanwu: a new book review and first pictures.

26 Sep

Background: Witch Kentu had a horrible day is the first from the series “The adventures of Witch Kentu” by Faustina Anyanwu.

                  The Story:

Witch Kentu lives on the jungle mountain where she has succeeded in driving all the residents away with her troubles and disturbance.  Now she live all alone on top of the jungle mountain. Each day that passes, she gets the taste of loneliness. yet,that does not make her change her ways. Rather, she goes down the jungle valley village where the villagers have run to,  scaring the children away.

Today, Witch Kentu wakes up as usual, bored and alone. She sets out to do the same old trick scaring the children from the jungle valley village park. On her way , she meets all the horrible things she never bargained for. The monkey throws pebbles at her  , she falls down, she gets trapped by a huge snake, and a giant stone rolls off from the hill and bangs on her back. With a crushed nose, bruised eyes and bleeding mouth, she did not need anyone to tell her what to do. She drags herself back to her miserable hut on the jungle mountain.Witch Kentu had a horrible day

“Filled with rhythm, rhymes and sounds, the story captivates children’s imagination, awakening their understanding with the colourful pictures and gradually introduces the words that they would be learning at this stage. The target age for this book is 4 to 8 years”.

About the Author:

Faustina is a Nurse/Midwife, she is a proud mother of 3 beautiful young girls. To her building a happy family and raising her girls is her most rewarding achievements and pride. She has always been very enthusiastic about writing. At the age of 15, she had her first poem published on 2 prestigious publications in Nigeria . Ever since, she has been silently writing poems, articles and blogs. She actively uses her blogs: My black woman, talk about Jesus, tellmyblackkid to campaign for racial equality and promoting the Black talent and heritage.

At the time of getting this book published, she co-founded a media company and became the Chief Editor of C. Hub magazine, a magazine that promotes creativity and talents . She lives happily with her family in the UK.

Faustina say, “persistence and hard work are the only key that opens the right doors., pray,play, try, try again, work hard, live, smile and go for your dreams”.

Here is the link to the book on amazon .
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The Artist of our Time: Nnenna Okore.

14 Sep

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Her face might not be recognisable to many but her works have made an impart in the world of art and design. The talented Nigerian artist have not left any stone unturned in making sure her work stands more than meet the eye.

Nnenna Okore is an Associate Professor and former chair of the Art Department at North Park University, Chicago, where she teaches Sculpture. She earned her B.A degree in Painting from the University of Nigeria (First Class Honors) in 1999, and an M.A and M.F.A. in Sculpture from the University of Iowa in 2004 and 2005. She has received several national and international awards and been shown in numerous prestigious galleries and museums within and outside the United States. As a recipient of the 2012/13 Fulbright Scholar Award, she will be spending a year in Nigeria teaching and creating new artworks.

Egwuukwu by Nnenna Okore.

She is a renowned name for her unique way of turning our everyday waste into something that can only be described as epitome of creativity. Having been raised in Nsukka, a city in eastern Nigerian, Nnenna has used her experiences and understanding of her culture to tell stories that only words could not have told.  Her works are highlights of her perception of texture, undulating contours and movements that exist within our ephemeral world; and she aims to  evoke some reflection about how we can better preserve and care for our earthbound surroundings.

Twisted Ambience by Nnenna Okore

Tune in for more  works from Nnenna,as she  speaks to C. Hub magazine exclusively of  her life as an artist coming up in the next issue of  C. Hub magazine out December 1st.

What is C. Hub Magazine all about?

31 Aug

 C. Hub magazine is the first and only magazine with creativity, arts and talent in mind. C. Hub prides on searching out the best of creative talents, showcases and promotes them.

C. Hub is not just another fashion, style magazine. It goes beyond that, C. Hub listens to and understands the unique stories told through every unique creative work. It covers every field of creativity, writing, painting, dancing, modelling, fashion and all talents that can be mentioned.

C. Hub also discusses issues that concern the life style of Black people helping talents stay focused and positively challenged. The idea is to bring you stories of real talents and not just the old stories of talentless people filled up on our daily magazines, papers and TV. With C. Hub we can influence how Black people are portrayed as low achievers by most media. Now yes, Black talents can make the front page, and headlines for good. Happy reading.


Full list of awardees at Divas of colour 2015 in association with Lebara Mobile and Dr Kem

25 Mar

Divas of colour International women’s award is the largest gathering of world’s most powerful women of colour. A special day to celebrate, recognise and reward the best of women of colour from around the globe.  The second edition was held on Saturday 21st of March 2015. The day unleashed a glorious night of luxury entertainment, fashion and awards ceremony. Bringing together high profile and prominent women, Hollywood star Winston Ellis and Nollywood stars , HRH Theodora Ibekwe Oyebade , Rita Nzelu and a host of many others.  17 women went home with a diamond  shaped glittering awards as  tears of joy and excitement run .

Kwame Koranteng collections at Divas of colour 2015

Models for Designer Kwame Koranteng bespoke Tailoring with Faustina Anyanwu Founder Divas of colour (middle).


Full lists of Awardees

Lifetime Achiever recipient    – Prof Elizabeth Anionwu

Lifetime Achiever recipient  –   Sherry Ann Dixon

Women of Honour Award    –   Cllr Ann Mbachu (Also the keynote speaker)

Women of Honour Award     –   Cllr Kate Anolue

Women of Honour Award  –      Rep. Dee Dawkins-Haigler (USA state of Georgia Representative.

Diva Ambassador Award   – Sandra Nelson – Founder Lift Effects

Inspirational Diva Award     –     Parmi Dheensa (Founder Include me too , Charity for the disabled.)

Entrepreneur Diva              –      Vanessa Oluwole – Founder IWOP (International Women of power )

Outstanding Diva Award    –       HRH Queen Theodora Ibekwe Oyebade.

Diva Author                        – Ibitola Ojoye

Diva Artist   Award             –       Roucheon Iloyi

Diva Makeup artist           –         Joy Adenuga

Diva Presenter                 –      Marjorie Fielder

Diva Designer                  –     Rose Perkins of Fashionsistas label.

Diva Face won by                 Vashtina Johnson

Diva Brand of the year –      Afrodeity – makers of Joliette luxury beauty brand.

Facebook Diva Face     – Aisha Sagnia

Top Model Victoria Michaels named brand Ambassador for AFWL 2015.

25 Mar

AFWL Ambassador 3Top Model extraordinaire, she is the true definition of beauty and brains combined; multi-talented, intelligent and focused, she is exceptional as a runway and a commercial model.

An enthusiastic social change advocate, Victoria’s passion for Women and Children’s Education led to the establishment of the Victoria Michaels Foundation – a non-profit organization seeking to empower women and less privileged children across Ghana.   It is a vehicle to drive various philanthropic and charity projects in Ghana, including support for various children’s homes, orphanages, destitute women and anti-poverty campaigns; and she hopes to make the Foundation’s work a pan-African project by 2017.

Groomed by the late legendary statesman designer, Kofi Ansah, Victoria Michaels’ international modeling career has seen her participating as a runway model at the AU Summit GOLD Show, BBC Fashion Show, Dubai Fashion Week, FIMA International Fashion Show and Dark & Lovely Fashion Show. Victoria has also been invited as a guest to some of the most prestigious fashion shows in the globe including the London and New York fashion weeks.  She has also been featured in major publications like Vogue Italia.

She is one of the most sought-after models to be brand ambassador and lead commercial model for leading businesses in Africa.  She has played major roles in commercials for Hertz Rent-a-Car, Vodafone, MTN, Nescafe, Da-Viva, and Bela-Aqua mineral water.  Charitable institutions also see Victoria as a powerful brand ambassador; she was chosen by the British Council as one of two representatives from Ghana at the All African Youth Summit in Johannesburg, SA.

AFWL Ambassador 2

Victoria has won many awards for her work, in 2014 alone; she came out with four outstanding awards including being honoured by Ovation International as its first Angel of Hope Award recipient. This award recognizes celebrities in Africa whose image and positive contribution continues to inspire hope across the continent. She was honoured that evening alongside Ghanaian former leader – President Jerry Rawlings and her late mentor, Kofi Ansah who was awarded post-humorously.

AFWL Ambassador 1

“It feels really great to be chosen as the Brand Ambassador for a globally acclaimed proudly African event like the African Fashion Week London. I am particularly excited to be part of this grand platform that showcases the original African creativity, style and talent. We have a very rich fashion culture and I look forward to working with inspiring African designers from both within the continent and the Diaspora as we thrill and dazzle the world with authentic mind blowing designs that speaks only of our incredible creativeness”  Victoria Michaels

We are excited to have Victoria on board as our brand Ambassador for Africa Fashion Week London 2015. We see her as someone who represents our brand in many ways, and  we believe she can use  her knowledge to encourage the young & upcoming  models. We look forward to working with her and to creating a fantastic event  this year.
Ronke Ademiluyi
Founder, Africa Fashion Week London.





The great Britain: By Faustina Anyanwu

21 Nov


The brave warrior .

The pride of Europe.

The master of many nations.

I do hail thee. 


You never fail to fight for man.

Where others fear to go

There do you thread

You are fearless.


You open your shores.

For the sake of the oppressed.

A leader by example

A great host.


Only you Britain

Could speak the language

That connects all

You are indeed great

 (c) Faustina Anyanwu,

All rights  reserved. 2011                                                                                

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C. Hub magazine wins the best magazine of the year at BEFFTA

26 Oct

We’re proud to say we’ve been voted the best magazine of the year at BEFFTA’s . Thank you to all our readers, subscribers, fans and most importantly those who nominated and voted for us.

via C. Hub magazine wins the best magazine of the year at BEFFTA.

DEVIEHL London launches a collection of handpainted master piece perfect coffee cups.

19 Oct

Each Arusha cup is individually painted by internationally renowned London jewellery designer Gail Klevan.  The cups feature highly distinctive patterns combining hand engravings , paints as well as gold and silver leaf. Designs are applied to optical-quality acrylic, creating a shimmering, ever changing iridescence.

via DEVIEHL London launches a collection of handpainted master piece perfect coffee cups..


17 Oct

Now in its 4th year the DSF Essay Competition is a national competition open to all Nigerian students of secondary school age. The competition is organized by The Dickens Sanomi Foundation, an independent non-governmental organization set up to promote the importance of education in particular writing skills amongst our youth.



15 Oct

Britain’s premier hip hop and grime tastemaker DJ Charlie Sloth launches his first compilation instalment. Hood Heat Vol. 1 is set for release on 24th November 2014 through Naughty Boy’s imprint on Virgin Records.Celebrating Charlie’s first year heading up Radio 1’s seminal Saturday Night Rap show, alongside his legendary BBC 1xtra shows, Hood Heat Vol. 1 features his authoritative selection of this year’s finest hip hop and grime cuts. Essential listening for 2014 the compilation will be split across 2 discs and brings together an eclectic mix of this year’s biggest tracks alongside specially commissioned exclusive cuts.

via Charlie-sloth-hood-heat-vol-1RELEASED 24TH NOVEMBER 2014 BY NAUGHTY BOY RECORDS/VIRGIN.

Vote for C. Hub for best magazine category on Beffta awards.

15 Oct

We’re please to announce that we’ve been nominated for the best magazine category on Beffta award 2014. We would appreciate your vote to win this years award. To vote for us go to the official http://www.beffta.com/voting , select the magazine category and check C. Hub .Thank you.

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Voting begins for Beffta awards 2014, full list of nominees here.

15 Oct

The first and only Afro- creative magazine that listens to and understands the unique stories told through creativity . C.Hub is quarterly published in the UK and is widely distributed in Europe and Africa. C.hub is available online, on print and digital.

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Afrodeity ltd sponsors divas of colour 2015.

11 Oct

The company AfroDeity is an online based retailer of natural Caribbean Inspired hair and skin products, whose ultimate goal is to help small farmers in the Caribbean reinvigorate the declining agricultural industry to stop a dependence on importation of essential foodstuff. AfroDeity was founded around the knowledge of healing herbs, oils and butters passed down through the generations and culminating in a great interest in science. As such combining beauty, science and a commitment to the rural Caribbean.

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