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The Artist of our Time: Nnenna Okore.

14 Sep

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Her face might not be recognisable to many but her works have made an impart in the world of art and design. The talented Nigerian artist have not left any stone unturned in making sure her work stands more than meet the eye.

Nnenna Okore is an Associate Professor and former chair of the Art Department at North Park University, Chicago, where she teaches Sculpture. She earned her B.A degree in Painting from the University of Nigeria (First Class Honors) in 1999, and an M.A and M.F.A. in Sculpture from the University of Iowa in 2004 and 2005. She has received several national and international awards and been shown in numerous prestigious galleries and museums within and outside the United States. As a recipient of the 2012/13 Fulbright Scholar Award, she will be spending a year in Nigeria teaching and creating new artworks.

Egwuukwu by Nnenna Okore.

She is a renowned name for her unique way of turning our everyday waste into something that can only be described as epitome of creativity. Having been raised in Nsukka, a city in eastern Nigerian, Nnenna has used her experiences and understanding of her culture to tell stories that only words could not have told.  Her works are highlights of her perception of texture, undulating contours and movements that exist within our ephemeral world; and she aims to  evoke some reflection about how we can better preserve and care for our earthbound surroundings.

Twisted Ambience by Nnenna Okore

Tune in for more  works from Nnenna,as she  speaks to C. Hub magazine exclusively of  her life as an artist coming up in the next issue of  C. Hub magazine out December 1st.

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