C.hub new logo 2C. Hub magazine is the first and only Afro-creative magazine that celebrates authenticity, originality and  reliability in creativity. C.hub magazine as a creative magazine listens to and understands the unique stories told through creativity. We are not just a fashion magazine but we celebrate the art of fashion, the creative ways to embrace fashion, we celebrate the people who create and love works of arts and creativity. We have started from the demography we understand most – Africa and the Black however in all we appreciate authenticity, originality and quality works from all around the world.

Our ultimate aim being to promote creativity, celebrate African heritage, link African culture, businesses, creativity with the rest of the world .

C.Hub magazine over the year has become synonymous with authentic talent and creativity where the best brands, talents and great reliable news of creativity is found.

As we gradually grow in our presence getting out quality creative journalism to the world, we do it without compromise and organisations and individuals with great taste and vision are beginning to appreciate and align their brands with us.

Our editorial content include – Fashion, features, Home, Food, Creative search, Travel, Music, Film, Poetry, Sports, Health and beauty, Events, Books, and products review.

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C.hub Magazine issue 2

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3 Responses to “Home”

  1. ben Oguntala January 24, 2013 at 6:30 am #

    Hello, i met you officials at the UCL event yesterday and very impressed with your magazine especially with the quality.

    We would like to collaborate with you in any way we can, our project is the first of its kind in Africa that not only talks the talk, but also walks the walk. Our role is to commercialize development opportunities in Africa by exposing them to the Diaspora and International Suppliers on mass.

    The first African based project to address the concerns many in the Diaspora have been calling for (enough talking more tangible action), we do so by:

    1. Providing a web based platform where African business private sector, Diaspora, friends of Africa, NGOs and Government organisations can post development opportunities online. First of its kind.

    2. Our search engine would then automatically match the development opportunities to the suppliers with products and services capable to resolving the development opportunities.

    3. The implementation of the project would require Diaspora and international suppliers to work together in the delivery and as a result create employment for the African Diaspora (or alternative revene streams), export opportunity to the international suppliers and mass development across Africa.

    Look forward to collaborating with you.

    Ben Oguntala

  2. Nicole Go September 22, 2014 at 7:21 am #

    Your magazine is good in representing beautiful African women, instead of focusing more on portraying the standard of beauty through the famous American Model.

  3. ProgonOriz March 30, 2016 at 4:05 am #

    Прогон по форумам, по ссылке http://vk.com/progonov_net !
    Так же владельцы сайтов, могут вычеркнуть свой сайт из базы по которрому ведется прогон и мои прогоны вас больше не потревожат !
    Уважаемые мелкие, средние и крупные предприниматели! Еще раз поразмыслите о несомненных плюсах, которыевам сумеет принести умелая ориентированная на интернет рекламная кампания. Ежедневное упоминание о принадлежащей вам компании на всевозможных форумах и досках объявлений, со ссылкой на вашу собственную веб-страницу, создаст вам репутацию незаурядных, узнаваемых и востребованных мастеров своего дела. Я сумею избавить вас от технических деталей, связанных с непосредственным решением этой во многом рутинной проблемы. По средству программы XRumer, я прогоню информацию о вашем интернет-ресурсе по форумам, доскам объявлений и популярным блогам. В результате, ссылки на ваш виртуальный ресурс с сопутствующими благожелательными отзывами и узнаваемым логотипом, будут постоянно появляться на солидных виртуальных гигантах.

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